Aquarium Filtration Systems

The Coral Barn Blog - Aquarium Filtration Systems

Mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration are all important A healthy aquarium depends on maintaining clean water, and doing so requires some means of filtering out the water to remove contaminants and purify the water. Technically, there are three means of filtering aquarium water:  Biological filtration refers to the process by which beneficial bacteria break down […]

How to Care for SPS Corals

The Coral Barn Blog - SPS Coral Care

Keeping small polyp stony corals is a polarising topic among reef hobbyists. Reefers find keeping them to be very rewarding or very frustrating. This is because keeping healthy and beautifully coloured SPS corals requires careful attention to every aspect of coral husband. Once you have experienced the satisfaction of turning an average looking fuzzy stick […]

How to Care for LPS Corals

The Coral Barn Blog - LPS Coral Care

Large polyp stony (LPS) corals are a fascinating group that contains a calcium skeleton with large fleshy polyps. They come in a variety of colours and shapes, and are more forgiving than other corals, making them perfect marine organisms for saltwater aquariums.  LPS corals originate from deep, slow-moving water, and are often exposed to turbid […]

How to Care for Zoanthid Corals

The Coral Barn Blog - Zoanthid Coral Care

Zoanthid corals are some of the easiest types of coral to keep in your home’s aquarium build. With their characteristic bright colours and their unique polyp shape, they’re both pleasing to the eye and an effective part of any miniature ecosystem. Contrary to other species of coral, zoanthids have several tendrils that surround their central […]

How To Care for Soft Corals

The Coral Barn Blog - Soft Coral Care

Soft corals are the perfect corals for beginners looking to build a saltwater aquarium. They’re easily raised if you follow some simple soft coral care guidelines. These beautifully vibrant and unique structural corals light up and add an interesting landscape to an aquarium. Unlike the SPS and LPS corals, soft corals do not build an […]