The Complete Guide to Coral Nutrition

The Coral Barn Blog - Guide to Coral Nutrition
When it comes to coral feeding, there are two methods which are most effective: broadcast feeding and target feeding. Here’s a step-by-step guide:   Broadcast feeding is a “set & forget” daily method which is both easy and efficient. 1. Turn off the protein skimmer and the main return pump, so the coral food you are about to pour into the aquarium will not be removed by the skimmer and carbon media. 2. Leave your wave pumps on, so the coral food will mix evenly across the aquarium. 3. Prepare the required amount of coral food in a clean measuring cup. 4. Pour the coral food into the tank, near the wave pumps, so it will spread across the aquarium. If you do not have wave pumps, simply pour the coral food across the length of the aquarium.  5. Coral food, such as Reef Energy Plus, usually takes a couple of minutes to mix with the water. At this stage, it is advised to select FEED mode in your ReefBeat App. Program FEED mode beforehand to turn off one pump while leaving the other one on. This will reduce the flow and allow the corals to feed more easily, as opposed to a strong flow that can blow off the mucus layer from the feeding corals.  6. After 30 minutes of feeding, you can turn the entire system back on.